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What We Do

We are Floratorium - a flower & art studio with a passion for setting our florals free from the confines of the vase.

We create large-scale installations that use flowers as a design enhancement for retail, dining, fashion, hospitality and event spaces. We aim to transform public environments into immersive visual experiences that draw an audience, spark conversation and inspire joy.

Floratorium is also the creator of GLAMffolding™, transforming the inevitable city requirement of store front scaffolds into works of art.


Our Technique

Our technique combines silk florals with organic materials to extend the life of our works, increasing the potential for greater exposure, interaction and impact.

We are inspired by Biofauxlia. The passionate love of life and all that is alive, the innate tendency to focus on life and life-like processes and the affinity that us humans have towards other forms of life in nature. Biofauxlia ™️ aims to uphold this principle with the integration of both organic and artificial botanicals to bring organic life connections to environments otherwise impossible for them to occur.

We customize our designs to enliven your marketing goals, spatial design and visual identity. The result is a signature, tactile and memorable representation of your brand that audiences can photograph, share, and revisit.

Our Work

About the Founder

Carlos Franqui is an advertising creative turned fashion stylist and floral designer based in NYC. He combines his knowledge of media and brand strategy with his innate passion for art and design to innovate unique installation concepts for each of his clients.


Soon after graduating from the reputed FlowerSchool NY, Carlos began his career working with some of the most prestigious names in flower design, creating arrangements and installations for events, celebrities, restaurants, and fashion houses.


Witnessing the emotional response sparked by each of his projects, Carlos was inspired to prolong the sentiment and find a way for people to spend more time on his creations. He began experimenting with silk flowers, and quickly realized this medium elevated his projects from fleeting moments of beauty to a sustainable, long-lasting means of connecting with an audience.


As a result, Floratorium has become an established and trusted experiential partner for some of the most of-the-moment brands.


Our Clients

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Our Clients

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